Master bedroom, room two
Bathroom in room two
Living area in room
Master bedroom in room one
Motel room
Living and dining area in room one

Arlingtons Holiday Accommodation

Price Range
$100.00 - $400.00

132 Newcombe Street, Portarlington, Victoria, 3223

03 5259 1827

Arlingtons Holiday Accommodation

Arlingtons is located at 132 Newcombe Street, Portarlington as part of the magnificent holiday destination of the Bellarine Peninsula.

Port Arlington is one of Victoria's best-kept secrets with an ascending landscape with sensational views of the bay, amazing wineries and wonderful restaurants and cafes.

Make sure you try local produce, the area is famous for its mussels and fresh seafood.

Arlingtons offers to beautifully presented self-contained units and a motel room in tranquil surroundings. It is a short walk to the shops, cafes, restaurants and pier where the ferry arrives from Docklands.


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