Golden Palms Motel
Off street parking in courtyard
Off street parking in courtyard

Geelong Golden Palms Motel

Price Range
$112.00 - $280.00

234 Torquay Road, Grovedale, Victoria, 3216

1800 033 136

Geelong Golden Palms Motel

The Geelong Golden Palms Motel's best endorsement is its large number of corporate and business clients. Most business clients are very selective about the accommodation they choose and they also want reasonable prices, the Geelong Golden Palms Motel qualifies on both counts.

If you want quality accommodation and don't want to break the budget then the Geelong Golden Palms Motel should be at the top of your accommodation list. Offering a variety of rooms from standard to deluxe all with Queen beds. Family rooms are also available

The Geelong Golden Palms Motel is a popular starting point for visitors to the Great Ocean Road. It is an ideal overnight stopover for anyone arriving later in the day and wanting to take a look around the Bellarine Peninsula before making an early start on the Great Ocean Road.

For any further information, please contact Geelong Golden Palms Motel.


Barbeque Carpark Non Smoking
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