Maree Greenwood

About Maree Greenwood

Maree would like to think she is cosmopolitan, sophisticated, stunning, refined....  when really she is  just a country girl at heart, coming from Benalla, North Eastern Victoria.  After making the transition to Melbourne for schooling, Maree settled in Geelong to raise her family as it is a nice compromise between city and country living. How lucky she is that if her fancy takes her she can enjoy the wineries of the Bellarine, walk the dog along the Barwon River or enjoy sunsets or fish and chips by any number of beaches in the area. Maree loves Australia and has been fortunate enough to see a far bit of it taking a gap year ( a little late in life) to circumnavigate it in a mobile home.  She enjoys scuba diving and is confident in saying that we have some of the best diving here in Victoria. Her particular passion are the shipwrecks along the coast. She and her husband have two girls and enjoy camping through the outback and four wheeldriving.  Maree has a sense of fun and a complete disregard for needless convention.  Currently managing the Queenscliff Visitor Information Centre, Maree loves telling people "where to go"!

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