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3 Fish You'll Definitely* Catch Off Portarlington

3 Fish You'll Definitely* Catch Off Portarlington

Whether you’re a casual angler or more serious fisherman, Portarlington’s a great spot to wet a line. There are a few boat ramps in town and nearby to get you out on the water, or just cast a line from the pier. Here’s what you might get on your menu back at camp:



They’re not fussy eaters and will have a go at either bait or lures, although locals say bait tends to bring bigger fish. They can be timid, though, so keep the noise down, especially in shallow areas.



One of the most popular eating fish. Best way to bag a few is to set baits and drift, making sure the bait’s hit the floor for these bottom-feeders.


Flathead: it’s easy to see how they got their name. Image by @cleahallam_fishing_ 



More active when the water is warmer, whiting are timid and generally found in shallows, so keep it as quiet as you can. They prefer small bait – pipis, Bass yabbies, sea worms or tenderised calamari.