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3 Ways Point Lonsdale Has Made History

3 Ways Point Lonsdale Has Made History


  1. William Buckley. Escaped convict William Buckley is the source of the phrase your Grandpa uses when something’s a lost cause; “You’ve got two chances: Buckley’s and none.” He made a run for it from the convict settlement at Sorrento and, with the land still considered wild and uninhabited by white men, his gaolers gave him up for dead pretty quickly. But, he lived peacefully with the local Wathaurung indigenous people for 32 years. He’s believed to have lived in a cave below Point Lonsdale Lighthouse for some time, and he lends his name to the Buckley Foreshore Reserve in town.


  1. Point Lonsdale Lightstation. The Rip is one of the ten most treacherous navigable passes in the world, but it’s also the only seaborne route to Melbourne. For that reason, in 1852, the first navigation aid was built on the site now occupied by the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. Still operating as a functional lighthouse and foghorn, it’s listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.


  1. Christmas Tree. The Norfolk Pine growing on the corner of Grimes Rd and Point Lonsdale Rd has been welcoming the Christmas season for more than 50 years. Generations have watched the lighting of the tree on the first weekend in December and the brightly lit festive icon is visible for several miles out to sea.

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