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3 Ways To Do Portarlington Mussels

3 Ways To Do Portarlington Mussels

The Australian Blue Mussels grown in the waters of Port Phillip Bay off Portarlington have reached legend status. They’re probably the town’s most famous export, famed among foodies and featured on most restaurant menus between the Pier and the Princes Highway.



FRESH! Get up close and personal with the delicious little morsels on a regular Mussel, Wine and Bay Cruise with Port Phillip Ferries. You'll get a sample, a drink and a tour around the mussel farms in Port Phillip Bay where 60% of Australia's mussels come from.  On other days you can see the fleet docked at the Portarlington Pier, watch from a distance as they harvest just offshore and then buy them by the kilo in town from Advance Mussel Supply.  Take them home (or to wherever you’re staying!) and cook up a seriously fresh feast. 


LET SOMEONE ELSE DO THE HARD WORK and head to one of the local eateries, there’ll be mussels on the menu. The Little Mussel Cafe has all sorts of iterations on the menu. Or try Bouchon at Bellarine at nearby Bellarine Estate - Mussels Du Jour with a baguette. Delicieux.


SMOKIN! Mussels smoke particularly well and we love them at The House of Jack Rabbit as part of the house smoked seafood platter, best enjoyed with a glass of wine and the spectacular views across Port Phillip Bay.


For more mussel-y goodness or ideas on what else you should do in Portarlington when you've filled up on mussels, head to our Portarlington page.