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5 Fun & Educational Things For Kids in Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale

5 Fun & Educational Things For Kids in Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale

Families have been coming to this region for generations and it’s always been a great place for kids. Beaches are well sheltered and great for a dip and sandcastles with little ones. Even without beach weather there’s still plenty to do with the junior members of your travel party:

1 . Rockpool Ramble! 

At low tide the sandstone platform just below the Point Lonsdale lighthouse is exposed and is a great spot for little adventurers to get their toes and sleeves wet on a rockpool ramble! The water is crystal clear and they may find colourful plants or shy creatures.

2 . Fishing from the Pier.

Commonly caught varieties include whiting, salmon, squid and sometimes shark! Maybe avoid watching Jaws (or building expectations too high) among the little people before you go, but bring a variety of gear and bait to try.

3. Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre:

The Department of Primary Industries runs various education programs to raise awareness and understanding of water environments, marine life and fishing. Running various school holiday programs, the centre boasts a visitors aquarium and touch-tank and also delivers programs like rockpool rambles and fishy tales at the Queenscliff Library. Or, catch up with the team on board Searoad Ferries during the holidays – they’ll have stories to tell and interesting artifacts to touch.


4. Fort Queenscliff:

Lots of lessons about history, strategy and geography at the old Fort, alongside exploring tunnels and underground bunkers and dressing up in old military garb.


5. Queenscliffe Maritime Museum:

Fantastic guides eager to share their knowledge of the shipwrecks, the rescues and the history of the town lifeboat. They have stories of the pilots who continue to take their orange boat out, climb aboard the big ships and guide them through The Rip at Port Phillip Heads. Fascinating lessons to be learned about the way things were for an appreciation of the way things are now


So what are you doing this weekend?