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5 Things That Go Down At The Meredith Music Festival

The fact it takes place in the Meredith Supernatural Ampitheatre is a fair indication of just how other-worldly the festival is.

  1. Tunes. There’s a feast of brilliant acts during this “3-day, 2-night, 4-D cascading audio-visual rollercoaster”.
  1. Nudie Run. The Meredith Gift was born out of a need to entertain the punters when a band was running late. A crowd-participation fun-run with beer as a prize, then some clever dick thought he might win more if he did it with no clothes on. Thus, the Meredith Gift was born.
  1. Old Class Cinema. The Ecoplex Outdoor Cinema shows retro films to punters on gum-tree log seats under a rooftop of stars and branches.
  1. Pink Flamingo Bar. The long-legged pink bird has been a Meredith institution since the late 90’s, when long-legged birds were all the rage. Cocktails, neon lights – it’s nightlife personified with a Miami Vice feel.
  1. Airbeds. Sad but true.



*Image by Ben Loveridge, courtesy of Meredith Music Festival.

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