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Adventure Time: Starting From Queenscliff Harbour

Adventure Time: Starting From Queenscliff Harbour

Queenscliff Harbour and the nearby Ferry Terminal is the starting point for many a choose-your-own-adventure story. Unsurprisingly, most involve the water with varying degrees of how wet you’ll get as a participant.


An amazing experience, up close with wild seals and dolphins in Port Phillip Bay. The crew provide all your gear including wetsuits, masks and snorkels. After a briefing as you head out to Pope’s Eye for a practice snorkel and time to check out the kelp and marine life in it – from colourful fish and starfish to octopus and coral. Then, it’s back on the boat for the trip to Chinaman’s Hat, where some seals laze in the sun, others will swim and frolic with your group in the water. Finally, the highlight of the day, is cruising around the bay hoping to attract a pod of dolphins looking to come for a ride. Swimmers hang on to ropes at the back of the boat where they are joined by leaping dolphins who curiously swim alongside. An amazing experience so close to wild creatures.


So much more than a way to transport you (and your car / bike / caravan / bus!) between Sorrento and Queenscliff, there are a few different ways to experience Searoad Ferries. The trip itself is a great way to get out on the open seas - grab a spot on the deck to make the most of the coastal views and fresh air. Keep an eye out for wildlife - dolphins often catch a ride in the bow-wave, and seals are never far away, usually basking in the sun at Chinaman's Hat. In winter, the occasional whale is spotted in the bay. There are a heap of cool packages too combining ferry travel and experiences on either side of the bay - wineries, theme parks and events. 

Dive Victoria lead tours to the ex-HMAS Canberra, scuttled near Port Phillip Heads, off Ocean Grove in 2009. Once underwater, some of the highlights of this wreck include the mural in the mess hall, the captain’s cabin and chair. Most of the vessel was left intact prior to scuttling and there are loads of secret hiding spots for marine life, making it a very interesting experience for divers.


Game and Recreational Fishing Charters operates fishing charters departing from both sides of Port Phillip Bay. Charters depart from Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula and also Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula . 

Specialising in Ocean and Bay fishing Trips, Game and Recreational Fishing Charters operate from Queenscliff & Sorrento 7 days a week all year round. 
The crew possesses many years of local knowledge and experience between them. Their expertise will give you the ultimate chance to hook the fight of your life. 
Fishing takes place on Port Phillip Bay and out in Bass Strait, so they can offer a wide range of fish species, including the exciting Thresher Shark and Mako Shark over the season. The crew will clean, fillet and bag your catch, ready to be popped on the BBQ or into the freezer once you get home.