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At the Beach with my Golden Retriever

At the Beach with my Golden Retriever

My five year old Golden Retriever, Tawni, has found doggy heaven just a short walk from our new house, at the official Dog Beach in Queenscliff.

Honestly, when her paws hit the sand and her lead comes off, Tawni just explodes with pure joy as she charges into the ocean.

Owners of more subdued breeds watching Tawni running in circles and rolling in the shallows can’t help but smile at her exuberance and love of life. As the old saying goes, the average dog is a nicer person than the average dog owner, however no matter what sort of day you're having, being on the beach with your dog helps us view life in a more positive way.

Dog Beach Queenscliff

Like their owners, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of shape or breed, you must always beware of the owner. Sometimes they bite!

Some dogs are timid and shy, others are all noise and like Tawni, rejoice in the company of others both of the two and four legged variety. Dogs are obviously pack animals and most love to be sociable and rejoice in their freedom, off the leash to run and play together as most dogs are born to do.  Yes there are a few dogs (and owners) that demonstrate aggressiveness and the need to dominate. This is often noticeable in the car park and evident before reaching the beach. Thank heaven these are in the minority and most of the time the owners also begin to socialise and chat with each other about the antics and the breed of their charges. 

Dogs at the Beach Queenscliff

Clearly dog beaches bring joy to more than just the dogs. I firmly believe that to really enjoy a dog one doesn’t train them to be more like a human, rather the owner must be open to becoming more like dog!

But where do we go? Trying to work out which beaches in Geelong and The Bellarine are available to our four legged friends can be a challenge - what is the correct area and what time restrictions may apply? Thank heaven for great websites like to point you and your pooch in the right direction.

I feel sorry for people who don’t own a dog.  I hear they have to pick up any food that they drop on their floor! I have come to the conclusion to truly bring a smile to your face all you need is a beach and a dog to run along that beach. Nature will take care of the rest.