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Beacon Beckons

Beacon Beckons

Ever wanted to be staring down a dark tunnel with just a glimmer of light at one end, completely immersed under a wall of water?

When the wave gods align with a north – east wind, low tide and a swell between 2ft – 6ft look no further than Beacon at Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads.

This peaky A-frame beach breaks on a sand bottom just out from the shoreline reef that is only visible during a low tide.

Arguably the best wave on offer in the region, it’s one for the more experienced surfer.

As the wave travels in shore from the deep blue ocean it hits an outer reef that splits the wave up sending it into the school of surfers who sit patiently on their own peak waiting for the ultimate barrel. This wave is short, sharp and at 3ft plus can become very heavy.

The trick to this spot is not to be fooled by the peaks either side of you as you can spend your entire time paddling after that elusive patient.

It does get very crowded when the surfs pumping so get in early to avoid missing out on a car park and remember to always be safe in the water!