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Celebrate World Gin Day with these cocktail recipes from Anther Gin

Celebrate World Gin Day with these cocktail recipes from Anther Gin

It’s World Gin Day on Saturday 11 June 2022 and to help celebrate, we’ve asked Amy Odongo, Marketing & Brand Manager at Anther Gin, in Geelong’s Federal Mills, what her favourite gin cocktail recipes are.


Anther Martini 
The Martini is iconic – the classic among classics, the king of kings. This variant features a unique Anther twist – imagine James Bond wearing an Akubra and you’re almost there. 
Anther Australian Dry Gin 45ml 
Madenii Dry 5ml 
Martini Bianco 5ml
Reserva Ambrato 5ml 
Stir with ice in a mixing glass and double strained into a honeycomb, or coupe. Garnish: Lemon, olive or pickled onion. 

Women squeezing lemon into one of two cocktails

Cherry Collins 
What’s red, fizzy, and great after dinner? The Cherry Collins, of course.  
Anther Cherry Gin 45ml 
Lemon Juice 5ml 
Citric Acid 10ml 
Sugar Syrup 15ml 
Soda 250ml 
Built in a highball and topped up with ice and soda water. Garnish: Lemon wedge and strawberry. 


North Shore Sour 
A cocktail tribute to Geelong’s exquisite north shore. Gin, peach, sweet vermouth, and citrus – what’s not to like? 
Anther Australian Dry Gin 30ml
Marionette Peach Liqueur 10ml  
Madenii Rosso 15ml 
Lemon Juice 5ml 
Citric Acid 10ml 
Sugar Syrup 5ml 
Shake and double strain into a honeycomb, or coupe glass. Garnish: Strawberry, lemon twist, or edible flower. 

Cocktails on wood with flowers

Savoy In 1900 
Step back in time with this powerful cocktail with hints of cherry, coffee and citrus; an aromatic sense-tingler! 
Anther Australian Dry Gin 30ml 
Anther Cherry Gin 15ml 
Madenii Rosso 10ml 
Mr Black  5ml 
Madenii Nocturne  5ml 
Shake with ice and double strain into honeycomb, or coupe glass Garnish: Grapefruit twist.   

Not one to shake your own cocktails? Never Fear, with so many great distilleries in Geelong & on The Bellarine to discover, you can get the experts to whip one up for you.


Anther Distillery

Want to experience one of these bad boys from the experts? Look no further than Anther Distiller. You can also explore the history of gin around the globe, be guided through the flavours and delectable Australian native ingredients used in Anther Gin and learn about the process of distillation.

Visit them at 33 Mackey Street, North Geelong

Cellar Door:
Wednesday & Thursday, 12pm – 5.30pm
Cellar Door & Distillery Bar:
Friday, 12pm – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 6pm


18th Amendment Bar

One of the must-visit cocktail bars in Geelong, 18th Amendment is an experience in itself. Inspired by the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States from 1920 until 1933, don’t be worried by the less than inviting front entry.

Hidden behind the rickety staircase and door you’ll find a delightful bar with an extensive gin menu, perfect to help taste your way through World Gin Day.

Visit them at 82A Little Malop Street, Geelong (yes, up those dark stairs and bind the big scary door)

Open daily from 5:00pm

Black Sheep Geelong

Located in the very heart of the National Wool Museum, Black Sheep is home to The Chamber of Gin. One destination that has a heap of local gins on offer for you to taste, from North Geelong to Queenscliff. You can try and taste the different blends on a tasting board or in a cocktail! And grab a bit to eat while you're there, they have an extensive food offering to help soak up the drinks.

Visit them at 66 Brougham Street, Geelong

Monday to Friday
5pm – late

Saturday & Sunday
11.30am – late


Bellarine Distillery / The Whiskery

With a warm fire, cute dogs and a beautiful outlook this is the perfect venue to try their five award-winning gins available. They also have a broad selection of delicious cocktails to ensure all palates are catered for. 

For the Whisky buffs, there is a large selection of whisk(e)ys from all over the globe, including (when available) the latest single malt release from Bellarine Distillery.

Visit them at 2102-2120 Portarlington Road, Drysdale

Thursday – Sunday
11am – 5pm


Queenscliff Brewhouse

Don’t let the name get you, they serve gin here, very good gin in fact!

The Queenscliff Brewhouse is a multi-award-winning hotel, brewery and distillery, with over 400 craft beers, 200 plus regional wines and 400 plus spirits. You can even do a gin blending master class!

And with an on-site shop for the take home collectors, this is the perfect pitstop for the ultimate gin trail.  

Visit them at 2 Gellibrand Street, Queenscliff

11:00am - 11:00pm

FarmDog Brewing

Be greeted by farm dogs as you roll up to this relaxed venue, with stunning views of the vineyard and a cool as vibe.

FarmDog brew craft beer and distill boutique gin onsite, and on top of that, they have an onsite winery.

Join them as they serve up delicious pizzas and platters as you taste gin, beer or wine! Their brewers and distillers are onsite to explain all things grains and botanicals to allow your taste buds to understand and embrace the unique flavors.

With a fantastic cocktail menu (the Gin Sour is my favourite), they have happy hour and drink specials.

Visit them at 225 Swan Bay Road, Wallington

11am - late

11am - 5pm