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Child's Play: Fairy Park

Child's Play: Fairy Park

Mention either word – Fairy OR Park - to my four-year-old and she’ll squeal. So, imagine when I put them together.  She. Lost. Her. Mind.

Fairy Park is a time-honoured family tradition.  Our parents took us as kids and now we’re doing the same with our little ones. I still have really fond memories of the place from 1988. In fact, I still remember what I was wearing: a twin set, leggings and hi-tops. (Disclaimer: it was 1988. At least my hair wasn’t crimped).

Fairy Park, 80's style

Fairy Park, 1980's style. Twin sets and big fringes. 

Styled like Camelot and sitting on top of a rocky hill, Fairy Park brings traditional fairy tales to life with animatronic displays and sounds.

After being welcomed at the gate by a giant, “Mum! Look at that huge gnome!” we had a picnic near the car park then ventured in to the park. Each tale is styled with traditional scenes – no Disney influence – which made an interesting guessing game as we made our way around the grounds.

The absolute highlight – for both the four and seven year old – was the medieval adventure playground. Again, one that I have memories of playing on back in ’88.

Go out this weekend and create memories with your kids. And dress them in something that’s very 2015.

Fairy Park Playground

I've never seen a monkey with such a big fringe, let alone wearing a suit.