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Destination wedding: 5 Dreamy wedding styles - Geelong and The Bellarine

Destination wedding: 5 Dreamy wedding styles - Geelong and The Bellarine

Are you a potential relaxed boho bride or a Bridezilla /Groomzilla obsessed with Pinterest?

Yes there is such a thing as a Groomzilla.

We know that planning a wedding can be one of the biggest events of your life. There are so many things to consider; who to invite, what to give as bonbonniere, sit down or cocktail, who’s paying for the wedding and so on.....

We also know that each bride or groom wants a unique experience and a location to impress. Geelong and the Bellarine provides the perfect opportunity to create a destination wedding without needing to pay for air fares or see the doctor for a malaria jab.

Holding your special day in our region provides couples with a fabulous range of wedding styles such as a coastal experience, winery wedding, rustic barns, or an elegant soiree. 

Start your wedding journey with this inspiration..

1. Vintage vavavoom

Vue Grand - Queenscliff


Image The White Tree

Image Vue Grand

Image Vue Grand

Vintage came back in vogue when Leonardo starred in the Great Gatsby movie and has taken off since. No other venue in the region says Vintage better than the Vue Grand.

Think Pimms cocktails, a grand staircase entrance and some tunes on the grand piano.

For a destination wedding it also ticks all the boxes with accommodation, ceremony space and grand dining room reception venue all in the one location. Add the gorgeous destination of Queenscliff and you are set for a celebration of glitz and glamour.


2. Beach Babe

At the Heads - Barwon Heads


Image Stefani Driscoll

 Image At the Heads

Image At the Heads

There's something about a beach wedding that many love birds are attracted to, and our region can offer big time in this department.

Think ceremony on the beach, views of the water and the fresh sea breeze over pre dinner cocktails. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Barwon heads at the venue, At The Heads. 

Did we say views yet!! You couldn’t be any closer to the water, in fact you are almost in the water at this dreamy venue.


3. Rustic Elegance

Clyde Park - Bannockburn


Image Stefani Driscoll

Image Apertura Studios

Image Smitten Photography

Heard of the Moorabool Valley yet? Well take a moment to breathe in the beauty of Clyde Park winery. Yep a winery wedding, sounds good already doesn’t it?

Rustic elegance is what they call it and this venues deliver in that. It’s romantic, there is wine and also a jaw dropping views of the hills for your ceremony. They also run a side business called Clyde Park Pop up Party Catering, so you may be able to consider them off-site as well.



4. Floral Fetish

Town House Living - Geelong


Image Townhouse Living

 Image Townhouse Living


Image Townhouse Living

Flowers are back baby!

For a while people were shying away from flowers at their weddings. We’ll never understand why when you see what Townhouse Living can do to make your day of marriage bloom with colour and joy.

It’s not just about the bridal bouquet or table decorations anymore, think garlands, ceiling installations, cake decorations and ceremony back drops. Of course who can go past a floral headpiece!

The team at Townhouse Living will be sure to blow you away with their designs and work and you will never regret going floral again.



5. Style me Up

Igby Productions - Geelong and The Bellarine


Image Stefani Driscoll

Image Sara Taylor


Image Igby Productions

Not quite sure of the wedding style you are after yet? Need inspiration to bring all your ideas together?

Igby Productions is who you need to call. Their range of themes are inspiring to say the least and they know how to pull off the most extravagant event right through to an intimate Pop up Wedding if that's your thing. 

You must, must, must, visit their website to see what they can pull together and they do a whole lot more than just weddings.



So shut down the pinterest account now and pick your favourite style from up above.

Now start planning the honeymoon..... yippeee