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Furry Family Works At Ponda Estate

Furry Family Works At Ponda Estate


Ponda Estate owners Peter and Tracey Frigo are passionate about growing premium quality grapes in an organic and sustainable environment.

Some of the key ‘workers’ on the vineyard are a flock of Babydoll Southdown sheep. Vertically challenged, they are too small to reach the grapes but work underneath the vines to keep the weeds down and fertilize the vines.

The sheep have their own security team too – a pair of Maremmas, Lu and Gus, guard the flock and protect them from foxes during lambing season. 

Maremmas are livestock guardian dogs, bred in Italy and have very strong protective instincts.  They are introduced to the animals they’ll protect when they’re puppies, and will then spend most of their working life with them – sheep, goats or even chickens.


Visitors to Ponda Estate love to wander through the vineyard, see the Babydolls in action and meet Lu and Gus. Oh, and enjoy a taste of the finished product too!

Premium wines produced at the vineyard have been hand-picked and expertly crafted to capture the spirit and character of The Bellarine.  And a quick look at the trophy cabinet will confirm the effort’s been worth it.


Ponda Estate

150 Rhinds Road, Wallington

Open weekends, 11am – 4pm

0438 845 696