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Game On - Family Friendly  Competition

Game On - Family Friendly Competition

A little competition can be healthy right? 

Everyone wants to be top of the ladder, and as anyone who has ever played a "friendly" family game of Monopoly will know, things can get intense.

So, we're bringing you some "battlegrounds" from around Geelong & The Bellarine to help you harness that competitive edge in a family-friendly way, and have some fun  


Get Tactical at Next Level Skirmish

Enter the exciting world of battlefield sports at Next Level Skirmish; an open-field stadium of sorts that allows you and your family to battle it out tactical style. Plus there's lasers! Using guns that fire beams of harmless infra-red light (aka lasers), each player takes to the battlefield (armed with lasers). The battlefield; an outdoor area scattered with strategic grass mounds, tire towers, derelict drums, burnout vehicles and wooden structures. Dress in your camo to really get into the theme. Families deploy. Roger that!  

Get Out of the Escape Room

The Escape Room; the ultimate in family bonding. This gangster themed endeavour will see you and your crew locked into a room. Using only the elements within the room, you must solve a series of puzzles and escape within 60 minutes. There's a few adult(ish) themes, so consider this an M-rated activity and therefore players need to be 16+. Will you and your family accept the challenge and band together to escape before the clock runs out?


Get to the Finish Line at Adventure Park

Thrill seeking families at the ready. Adventure Park have the ultimate adrenaline rush race for you; the Aqua Racer, a six lane water slide with installed timers to accurately determine who is the first to the finish line. Climb the stairs, mount the mats and head down the water lane-ways face first. Be warned, speeds have been clocked at 40 km/hr! 

Get to the Top at Supatramp

Climb your way to supremacy at Supatramp. Supatramp is most likely a name you associate with the bounding fun of trampolining, but did you know that they also have 20 unique rock climbing walls to test everyone (no matter your climbing capability). Some of these walls are designed to deliver an exclusive two-on-two climbing contest - so clip into your harness and on the count of three, pit yourself against your family and determine who reigns supreme in the definitive scaling title.       

Get In the Hole at Curlewis Golf Club & The Range 

Golf's a fairly competitive game… and it only get's more intense when the course gets shorter! The magnificently refurbished Curlewis Golf Club & The Range is home to a superlative 18-hole mini golf course. First decide who controls the score card (very important decision) and then tap your way around water, rocks and tunnels as you tackle this two tiered course. Nothing brings out the competitive streak like mini-golf.   

So there you have it, a good, healthy dose of family competition. Who will take the title of The Greatest Tactical Opponent, The Best Problem Solver, The Fastest Climber, The Speediest Aqua Racer and The Greatest Mini Golfer? Pack your A-game peeps, because it is game on!