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Greenhouse Effect: Stay and Save (The Planet)

Greenhouse Effect: Stay and Save (The Planet)

A big part of what makes this region so special is the spectacular environment. We are surrounded by glorious coastland, Marine National Parks, forest hinterland and nature parks. So, it’s no surprise that we take sustainability seriously. These are some of our greenest places to stay:


BIG4 Beacon Resort Queenscliff:

This fabulous property leads the way in commitment to the environment across the business. From investment in water-saving and rain collection equipment, to waste reduction strategies, native planting, on-site renewable energy and transitioning to a paperless office.


Number 35:

A purpose built, architect designed bed and breakfast in Point Lonsdale. Primarily build from rammed earth and glass, the building was designed with the exquisite natural environment in mind, delivering traditional service that honors the past while committing to a sustainable future.


Seahaven Village:

On the official ratings they have four stars plus a green one too. Commitment to the environment started before the property was built and sustainability was worked into the architecture – double glazing and excellent insulation, among other things, ensure comfort is not compromised in the process.


Mercure Geelong:

Offers completely carbon neutral meetings and events department. The Accor Environmental Charter reduces the environmental impact of the hotel.  Then the carbon generated by every conference or celebration held in the venue is 100% offset via the Carbon Reduction Institute.