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Hang out with Dad this Fathers Day

Hang out with Dad this Fathers Day

Most Dads are usually men of few words, they like to keep it short and sweet. So here’s our short and sweet list of what to do for Fathers day.

A special menu for a special man

There's a bunch of great places to feed the great man. Here’s are a few venues that have put together some you beaut menus for Fathers Day. 

Mt Duneed Estate

Oakdene Vineyards Restaurant

Zigfrids Dining Hall

Geelong Racing Club

Annies Provedore

St Regis Winery

Get him off the couch

Is Dad nearing his mid life crisis but can't quite afford his own convertible? Send him for a cruise in a 1966 Red Convertible with Mustang & Co. Tour around the wineries or let him feel the breeze in his hair, if he has any left. If he considers himself more of a boating type how about a couple of hours learning how to work the sails at Royal Geelong Yacht Club!

Give him some putting practice at one of the many golf turfs around our region. Keep it simple and get Coastal Golf Victoria to organise a package tour and send him away for the day.

Snag him a catch of the day out on the bay. Call Mike at Clifton Springs Boat Hire and he’ll set you up with all the gear you need, including your own boat. If Dad isn't confident taking himself for a ride let the crew at Queenscliff Fishing Charters and Scenic Tours help him drop a line.

All men love beer right??? Take him for a craft beer crawl from Geelong to The Bellarine. Start off at Little Creatures Brewery to sample their range before a hop, skip and a jump to White Rabbit Brewery just next door. Head down the Bellarine Highway with a stop at Flying Brick Cider House for a different kind of brew and finish the journey in Queenscliff at the Vue Street Bar. With over 70 craft beers in house he shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to wet the whiskers.

And just for fun, here’s a few Dad jokes to set you up for a ripper day with you main man.

Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon? The food is great, but there’s just no atmosphere.

What did the mountain climber name his son? Cliff.

I cut my finger chopping cheese, but I think that I may have grater problems.

I gave all my dead batteries away today… Free of charge.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fshhhh.

After all that action, Dad will need to rest his head for the night. Find some accommodation here.