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Having a whaley good time in the bay

Having a whaley good time in the bay

Tourists flock to our region from all around the world. 

We love it when they return each year to enjoy what we have to offer.
Some of our favourite return tourists are the whales!

The humpbacks, Southern rights and the occasional killer whale are some of our regulars.

They tend to spend a couple of days around Port Phillip and Western Port Bay, taking in the sights and perhaps the tastes of the bay, before heading back out to Bass Strait to continue their migration north.

Winter on our bay is one of the busiest times of year for a bit of whale spotting.
The Dolphin Research Institute has declared 2016 whale season a record-breaker and have been busily reporting sightings from people on the water and land.

Just follow Searoad Ferries on Facebook to keep up to date with regular spotting around that end of town and although South Bay Eco Adventures are taking a winter break, Skipper Mike is always out with the binoculars hoping to spot that magic moment.

Have you seen a whale yet? Maybe a dolphin or two? Well you can always be guaranteed a seal spotting if you head out to Chinaman’s Hat with South Bay Eco Adventures or Sea All Dolphin Swims.

Remember to respect the whales and other creatures. If you head out on the water yourself be sure to remain at least 200 m away and 300 m for jet skis.

Always have your camera or go pro ready though, as you never never know what might just jump up in front of you!

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