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Horsing around

Horsing around

I've once been bitten by a horse, so you would think that perhaps I'm not the best person to tell a story about these equine creatures.

But hey, look how cute this guy is, how can you be upset at that!!



Horse riding is actually a really great way to connect with nature, get some physical activity in and learn about these majestic animals. They have such grace and strength to admire from a distance, but getting to know a horse and building a bond is a pretty special experience.


If your heading to Geelong from Melbourne way and you are looking for a place to saddle up then get in touch with Saddle on Riding School.

Located just 15km northeast of the Geelong CBD and only 30 mins from Melbourne, Werribee and Point Cook. Saddle On Riding School’s facilities are set on 78 acres and include 2 indoor riding arenas, three outdoor arenas, lunging arena, cross country and jumping course, undercover horse bays, agistment facilities, and more.

But hang on, it's not just about horse riding! They even offer kids parties, animal farm parties, group lessons and day camps.

So if your'e a bit of a scardy cat like me perhaps petting a baby sheep is a little more in your comfort zone.



If you are down the Bellarine Peninsula way there is no better place to visit than the Bellarine Horse Riding Centre just outside of Ocean Grove.

Their aim is to make learning to ride a safe and fun experience for everyone. They cater for all levels of experience from the holiday rider through to the elite competitor, and in my case the cautious participant. 

This riding school operates Tuesday-Sunday during the school term, and every day during school holidays. 

I have visions of myself on a white horse cantering down the sandy beaches of the Bellarine.

Well I better consider a few more lessons first.