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I live and play on The Bellarine

I live and play on The Bellarine

The Bellarine is a pretty wonderful place to spend the days, and as a resident of Portarlington, I feel perfectly positioned to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

If you know a bit about me you’ll know I can find my way around all the wineries and eateries pretty well. I’ve always got my ear to the ground about new places opening up and my calendar is full of events that are on around the region.

Most recently, Portarlington received some pretty exciting news. You can now catch a ferry from Melbourne CBD, straight to Portarlington Pier on Port Phillip Ferries. This means our Melbourne friends don’t have to drive through traffic to come spend time with us and we can take a cruise on the bay any day of the week. We were so excited about the news of the new ferry that we were there on their maiden cruise from Portarlington and have been on a few times since.


But the ferry isn’t the only way I get around the Bellarine. Check out my adventures below.

I took to the skies recently with Great Ocean Air. Wow. What a buzz. We had a Birdseye view around the whole Bellarine Peninsula and it was spectacular!

Great Ocean Air 

Indented Head from above with Great Ocean Air.

Squeals of joy on South Bay Eco Adventures. Amazing up close and personal with nature and wildlife on the bay. Take off from Queenscliff Harbor for this adventure.

I was lucky enough to take a tour on the Sea Bounty mussel boat for a foodie adventure. Can you spot Matt Preston on the boat? He was our guide for the day. 

Sometimes the hubby lets me on his boat for a spot of fishing. King George Whiting is my favourite catch. 

Don't mind me. Just flying around Leura Park vineyard on my Segway. I'm a little bit competitive so the race was on, but heaps of fun. You have to try.

Trains for big and little people. Had a blast on The Blues Train in Queenscliff. We rocked along those tracks with awesome music, drinks, food and mates. On a cruisey Sunday I took the nephews for a play on the Portarlington Miniature Railway. They were very happy boys. Who doesn't love a train ride?


And finally. There's still one trip I haven't yet taken. I'm not quite sure I have the stomach for it but perhaps you do? Wanna take a leap of faith with SkyDive Australia?

Find out more about my home town Portarlington now.

Take your maiden voyage on Port Phillip Ferries and say g'day if you see me around Portarlington.