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I tried to grab the fog but I mist

I tried to grab the fog but I mist

Don't be afraid to go into the mist. Be excited because you don't know where you'll end up.

Winter vines at Scotchmans Hill Winery

Image: @scotchmanshill

Clifton Springs old jetty 

Image: @willjval58

Goats farm in Drysdale

 Image: @corinne_drysdale_cheeses


jack rabbit fog

Across Port Phillip Bay the peaks of the You Yangs emerge from the fog. Great view of it from Jack Rabbit Vineyard.

Image: @jackrabbitvineyard


Palm trees in Geelong 

Image: @katecameback

Barwon Heads wanderings

Image: @coastandcountrylifeblog

Country estate at Austins & Co Winery 

Image: @austinsandco


Swan Bay Rd on the Bellarine

Image: @scotchmanshill


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