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It's an RV life for us...

It's an RV life for us...

Every day on The Bellarine is a good day for a camping trip, but it's even easier when you're living in luxury and totally mobile. To celebrate campervans, our mates at Prestige Jayco Geelong have pulled together some top tips on how to make your next RV trip an absolute ripper.

Quality time with family and friends

Whether it’s a holiday with your loved ones, or a road trip with your best mates, there’s nothing quite like an RV adventure. Some of the strongest families and best friendships are built on the open road or bonding around the campfire. Take the people you love and head to the great outback or drive from coast to coast. Through it all, you’ll be together in your home away from home.

Freedom like you’ve never known

The best part about travelling in an RV is the sheer freedom. Forget the queues at the airport. No rushed tours or rigid itineraries. Stop to smell the roses, make a detour or catch a giant snapper, maybe two. Wake up in a new place every morning, or stay somewhere special for a few days, weeks or months. It’s all up to you.

The great outdoors

Glorious national parks. Golden canola fields. Beautiful vineyards. Endless coastlines. Mysterious deserts. Australia has so much to offer. Whether you’re seeking great adventures or some quiet relaxation, some of nature’s best-kept secrets are waiting to be discovered. Make your journey the destination and explore our beautiful sunburned country.

Do the things you love

Wet the line. Cook your catch. Make new friends. Share a few beers. Hike in the forest. Take a seafood tour. Experience something new. Whether you’re at a caravan park or out in the wilderness, the possibilities are endless. Join an Owner’s Club to meet others just like you and participate in RV events throughout the year.



Top Tips for Towing a Trailer

  1. Check the towing capacity of your vehicle.
  2. Make sure an effective braking system has been fitted.
  3. Check that your tow bar and coupling are adequate for the load you intend to tow.
  4. Make sure that your caravan is correctly loaded and is within the specifications of the manufacturer.
  5. Make sure you distribute the load appropriately within the trailer.
  6. Learn what safety checks to perform during your trip.
  7. Check the ways in which towing can affect your driving.
  8. A half-day towing course is really beneficial.




Caravanning is one of the best experiences out there. With a caravan, a sense of freedom and adventure can take your anywhere.