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Ladies who play golf

Ladies who play golf

So my buddy from work asked me if I wanted to attend a ladies golf lesson at Curlewis Golf Club.

I was so excited as I always wanted to take up golf but never knew where to start, so off we went!

Here are my professional golf shoes.. NOT.         


We head off to meet Steve at the Pro Shop. Steve has been playing and training people in golf for over 20 years so we had a lot to live up to.

It was pretty cute when we turned up and Steve was wearing a bright pink shirt in support of Breast Cancer. It's a really lovely community golf club with a great bunch of members.



We signed up for a 5 week course of one hour lessons. It was a great way to get a taste for the game and at least learn how to hold the club if nothing else.

We did manage to whack a few balls, but they didn't all necessarily go in the direction we needed, but it felt good anyway. 

This is how we did it versus how it should look, thanks Steve!




Now it's the end of our 5 week course, do we want to continue? Do we have any potential to be the next Karrie Webb?

Well we loved the view, they have wine at the bar and mother nature puts on a good show.

Ps: Our number 1 tip, stay out of the sand!