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Land, sea and sky – explore all the elements in wonderful Werribee.

Land, sea and sky – explore all the elements in wonderful Werribee.

The trinity of earth, water and air come together to create an awesome bundle of experiences in and around Werribee. Tackle them one-by-one or back-to-back and really get to know this surprising region.

Sink your feet into the riches of terra firma.

You can whiz down the highway to Werribee without giving a second thought to the market gardens that stretch away to the south west. Here’s my tip: go explore!
You’ll find a fascinating landscape – row upon row of vegie greenness sweeping all the way to the bay. Market gardens for miles! The scale is biblical. You need to get off the highway to truly appreciate it.

I was dumbfounded to discover that this fertile production zone is an important food bowl where a good portion of Victoria’s fresh vegies originate, especially our broccoli. The red earth between the verdant plantings hints at the fertility. It’s the same luscious red you can see in the stunning K Road Cliffs, especially in the golden light just before sunset.

Vegies aren’t the only riches of the land here. At the Victoria State Rose Garden more than five thousand rose bushes thrive in the earth, blooming in a brilliant riot of colour and fragrance. 

Take me down to the sea.

Follow the sign-posted Bay West Drive (Route 11) to reach Werribee’s hidden treasure – the Werribee South Foreshore. Who knew? For eons, I’ve lived within a half hour’s drive yet only discovered this gem in the last year. There’s a whole other seaside world here: bay vistas, coastal walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and beach access.

Get on the water in a boat, canoe, kayak or jetski, or dive in for a snorkel – the Point Cook Marine Sanctuary protects this zone, which is one of the most prolific areas of marine life in Port Phillip Bay. Paddle your feet in the sea, suck the salt air into your lungs and you get why seascapes make the best escapes of all.

The sky’s the limit.

If you’ve got aviation fuel running through your veins or just a hankering to learn more about how pioneer aviators aimed for the skies, Werribee has a treat in store for you. The RAAF Museum at Point Cook was ground zero for the Royal Australian Air Force and is now home to a massive collection of Australian military aviation memorabilia and historic military aircraft. Hangars full of the good stuff! Plus an Interactive Flying Program and more pilot tales than you can poke a propeller at.

Or step back to the roaring forties at the B-24 Liberator and Aviation Museum where a trusty band of volunteers is restoring a shiny silver WWII plane back to its former glory. It’s one of only eight left in the world.

If that inspires your inner thrillseeker, head to Point Cook, don your flying jacket, leather helmet and goggles and hit the skies for a heart-thumping ride in a Yak 52 Russian acrobatic aircraft or vintage tiger moth. I’ll wave you on from terra firma.