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Meet Me in Geelong After Dark

Meet Me in Geelong After Dark

I do my best work after dark.

Get your mind out of the gutter you sicko, I don’t mean it that way. I’ve just always been a bit of a night owl. It started as a kid sneaking out of bed to watch movies, continued into the teenage years working anti-social hospitality hours and leaving every assignment until the last minute. In my 35 years on Earth I’m yet to find any motivation as effective as “it’s due tomorrow morning”.

This weekend, Geelong will be doing some of its best work after dark too when the city streets are brought to life in the annual Geelong After Dark pop-up arts festival. I’m letting the kids stay up late for it too!

Here are our highlights:

Breathe – we’ve loved the previous seasonal projections on the stately columns and walls of City Hall. We’re looking forward to this new piece that will transform the building into an organic musical instrument. Breathe out!


Projected Playground – light projections onto the lawn of Customs Park for kids to run, jump and stomp on! (Or, if you’re one of my kids you’ll probably be attempting cartwheels or falling over).

Night at the Museum – dinosaurs, (friendly) ghosts and dead zoos at the National Wool Museum are right up the alley of my zombie-obsessed 8 year old.


There’s a whole heap of other family-friendly activity lighting up the city, and our competitive streaks will come in handy for the Treasure Hunt as part of Geelong After Dark for Kids.

Want to play in the dark but not bringing kids? Check out the tailored programs for tune-lovers, tech-heads and visual arty-types.

I'd love to meet you in Geelong after dark. I’ll be the one with the crazy kids who’s having an ace time but is yawning from too many late nights in a row.

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