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Plenty of Arts in These Parts - Mountain to Mouth and Geelong After Dark

It's no secret that we're well stocked with artists and creative opportunities around our region, and here's a couple of crackers coming up soon.

Mountain to Mouth (M~M) is one of the region's most interactive arts events, combining nature, art and physical connection to the land in a unique and powerful way. It's also great for fitness fans!

In the tradition of the Wadawurrung, M~M creates a contemporary songline across the Geelong and Queenscliffe regions and marked by three main ceremonies held at the You Yangs (Gathering of the Elders); Central Geelong at Johnstone Park (Gathering of the City); and Barwon Heads (Gathering of the Elements).

The organisers have given us their Top 5 Reasons to Walk Mountain to Mouth.

For more details on how to get involved or how to catch the performances, head here.

Then, when the lights go down there's Geelong After Dark.



Modeled on similar events around the world, GAD is an annual night where the city comes alive with light-shows, art installations and live performance - turning side streets into stages and the city into an open air exhibition. 

The team are seeking artists to participate, so submit your ideas and check out the lineup here.


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