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The Great Aussie Barbeque

The Great Aussie Barbeque

What does it mean to be Australian?

We spent our childhoods swinging on rotating clothes lines. The most important culinary lesson is smearing just the right amount of Vegemite on your toast. Thongs are worn on the feet.

One of my favourite things about Aussies is our dedication to the barbeque. Cooking meat in the great outdoors on an appropriately-well-seasoned hotplate has become as integral to Australian life as beer and footy. New homemakers consider the purchase of a BBQ is just as essential as a washing machine or couch. Barbeques are cooked for every occasion: from family celebrations to camping holidays and outside every hardware every weekend.

The Aussie legends at BIG 4 Beacon Resort have come up with a way for their international guests to experience the Great Aussie BBQ on site in the holiday park.

Big 4 Beacon Resort Outdoor Dining

Set in a brand new al fresco garden area alongside the indoor function areas, groups can share in this famous Australian tradition. It’s akin to a sake ceremony in Japan or a deep fried Mars Bar in Scotland – a taste of local customs through a taste of local cuisine.

The international group package includes locally butchered meat: sausages, hamburgers, skewers, veggie burgers, salads and baked potatoes plus bread and rolls. And, of course, tomato sauce! This can be washed down with a selection of local beers, wines, ciders, other food options and desserts.

For Australians who are already well practiced in the BBQ arts, the area is available to use DIY when staying at BIG 4 Beacon Resort.

It’s a new addition to the ever-growing list of facilities at the holiday park which now includes the on site Mud Day Spa, indoor heated swimming pool, jumping pillow, playgrounds and go karts. The accommodation ranges from camping sites to luxurious self-contained three bedroom villas.

Australia still loves a BBQ. And, despite what you might’ve heard, we’d rarely throw a shrimp on a Barbie – we’d fill it with king prawns! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Image credit: Carnivore Style