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The Perfect Place to Learn To Surf: Ocean Grove Main Beach

Surfing is unreal. 

Words can't explain the feeling you get, as your board lynches onto a wave and you get thrust forward towards the shore.  Adrenalin kicks in and all you can think about is the challenge of getting to your feet - whilst wobbling unnervingly and hoping no one gets in your way (because you don't yet know how to maneuver the board).

Local surf school, Go Ride A Wave, offers lessons at Ocean Grove Main Beach. It’s a perfect beach for learning to surf – the sandy ocean floor is soft and the waves are long and rideable.  A lesson with them will usually have you standing up by the end of it.

Depending on the conditions they may also head further east to Raafs Beach.  It’s a great spot to keep practicing - not as busy as the main beach, small fun waves, good for beginners.


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