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Yes Chef: Winter Cooking Classes. Terindah Estate

Yes Chef: Winter Cooking Classes. Terindah Estate

I recently had an invite to a Thursday evening of good food, good wine and cooking. It was a cooking class at Terindah Estate, the first one of their winter cooking class series.


“Low and Slow, Comfort Food”  was the theme for this class.

I don’t mind cooking. But I’ve realised over the years that I don't have the patience for anything slow cooked. I work best with foraging in the fridge, freezer and cupboard and whipping it together in a frenzied mess. My husband joined me in this cooking class. He has  more patience than I in the kitchen and he loves following a recipe. If I’m cooking he will ask what’s the recipe, and cringes when I proclaim it's a Connie invention. He has much more success in the kitchen than I, so I guess this cooking class was more for me than him.



Lamb Shank

Confit Duck

Sous Vide Egg

Croatian Cabbage

Pumpkin Puree

+ wine

The class was a great way to get hands on and behind the scenes in a real working kitchen, alongside some pretty crafty chefs. I have worked in hospitality most of my life so I know my way around a kitchen and it was even more familiar with Head Chef, Lyndon Betts, whom I previously worked with at the Vue Grand. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lot to learn though.

As for Sous Chef Will Moyle, he’s also a talented chef, but it’s the images of his dishes that he posts on Instagram that I most admire. 

Ps: We can't ignore the great work of the apprentice chef Tyler. Someone has to do the dishes and clean up our mess, and he did it all with a smile on his face. Thanks Tyler!

Pss: Big claps to Will (not Chef Will) from the Cellar Door for keeping our wines topped up and us entertained.

Images: @willmoyle23 (IG)

Not only did we have guidance and training, and fully charged glasses with Terindah Estate wines; but we all got to sit down and enjoy the feast. Lyndon, Will & Will sat and chatted with us as we gave it a real nudge but couldn't quite finish off all of our handy work. What a treat!


If you want to cook pumpkin for a puree or soup really quickly, grate it first.

Eggs are temperature sensitive, not time sensitive. You could cook an egg in 63 degrees for 2 hours and it won’t over cook.

When a recipe includes coffee crystals, don’t go and buy coffee, it’s just a type of sugar.

Croatian cabbage is an actual recipe! I’m half Croatian and my grandparents always served us cabbage salad. I was delightfully surprised when I saw that on the menu of items we were to prepare.

My husband will eat the green leafy vegetable Kale!!!!

Image @theweeklyreviewgeelong (IG)

Big thanks to the Terindah team. You must check out the rest of the classes running on Thursday's in June & July. I think I'm booking in for the dessert one next. Yum