Moorabool Valley Taste Trail

Sunset over the Valley

Everything tastes better where it's grown.

The Moorabool Valley Taste Trail encompasses the rolling hills and magical valleys of the region north west of Geelong, from Inverleigh to Meredith, Anakie to Ceres and everywhere in between.

There's so much deliciousness on offer - chocolate, eggs, meat, olives, cheese, fruit and vegetables are grown and made along the trail. It's so good that local eateries are the biggest fans, so the berries grown on one side of the road will be served at the restaurant on the other and their bread will be baked on site at the bakery down the street.

As well as the farm-fresh food and eateries, the region is home to some of Australia's best-regarded wineries, with each vineyard and cellar door on the trail bringing distinct flavour, personality and variety.

Visit the Moorabool Valley Taste Trail and taste it for yourself.


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