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Beautiful waterfronts, rolling green hills, stunning natural coastline and more! Geelong and the Bellarine is an enchanting region of Victoria with something for everyone to discover. Welcome to a region with a rich cultural history, vibrant arts scene,  boutique shopping, first-class food & wine,  loads of wildlife and exciting experiences that are just waiting for you to explore. With so much to do in the area it can be hard to know where to start! Scroll down to discover our blogs and suggestions for some of the best attractions and accommodation that Geelong and the Bellarine have to offer, along with tour options to plan your perfect adventure and be your own Geelong Tour Guide.

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风景如画的滨水区,连绵起伏的绿色山丘,令人惊叹的自然海岸线等等! Geelong和Bellarine是维多利亚的迷人地区,每个人都可以找到。欢迎来到一个拥有丰富文化历史,充满活力的艺术场景,精品购物,一流美食和葡萄酒,大量野生动物和令人兴奋的体验的地区,等待您的探索。在该地区有很多事要做,很难知道从哪里开始!向下滚动,了解吉朗和贝拉林所提供的一些最佳景点和住宿,以及计划完美冒险的建议行程,并成为您自己的吉朗旅游指南。


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