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Aerochute taking off
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Taking off
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Moon shot
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Enjoying the views

Aerochute Industries

, Geelong, Victoria, 3220

0413 288 426

Aerochute Industries

The Aerochute brings the experience of flight to anyone who has ever wanted to fly. Let the adventure begin.

The Aerochute is a two-seater powered parachute designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind. It is designed not to stall or spin and in the case of an engine failure simply land safely as a parachute would.

The Aerochute takes off from the ground with the parachute behind you. Once the engine is started the propeller blows the canopy up and the Aerochute takes off within 10 -15 metres. Climbing and descending is controlled by using power through a foot throttle. Steering toggles (similar to parachutists) are used to turn left and right. Landing is achieved by backing the power off and flaring the parachute just above the ground.

The parachute is a 15 cell Ram Air canopy. It is 370 square feet and made of a ripstop nylon. The parachute is designed not to stall or spin. The engine is a Rotax 582 two-stroke and is used with a three blade propeller.

The Aerochute is designed to comfortably seat two people to a maximum all-up body weight of 250kg.

The Aerochute is manufactured to rigorous design standards. It has been tested and certified by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority. (CASA) and approved in many countries worldwide.
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