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131 Malop Street, Geelong, Victoria, 3220

03 5298 2262


Freckleduck in Malop Street, Geelong CBD, is a smart modern café with a focus on great coffee by Five Senses Coffee, in an attractive space, excellent service and good healthy food.

The menu composes of interesting breakfast dishes, some of which cross over easily to lunch. This is a cafe that you can indulge in the great food and not feel guilty about the pleasures you are bound to experience.

The staff at Freckleduck are polite, helpful and attentive - exceeding all expectations for café service.

Freckleduck is all about great coffee and healthy delicious food, but there is also value in the variety of beverages, with high quality teas and chai, hot chocolate and smoothies being available. And here you can have your coffee made with almond milk, or coconut milk if that's your fancy.

Plenty of choice, and plenty of healthy options at very reasonable prices.
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