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Ket Baker - Bellarine shed bakery
Head baker, Miek, creating sourdough raspberry croissants from her shed bakery
Head baker, Miek, forming sourdough pastries in her Bellarine shed bakery
Ket Baker is a family run 100% sourdough bakery, situated among gum trees on the beautiful Bellarine

Ket Baker

377 Grubb Road, Wallington, Victoria, 3222

Ket Baker

Ket Baker is an artisan bakery, with a big heart, located on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.

People seek them out for their100% sourdough croissants, breads and small batch pastries that deliver the unmistakable Ket Baker hit.

At Ket Baker they handcraft every croissant they make, which takes five days to develop the intense flavour profile and texture that they are known for. And as in nature, each croissant is unique. Each one takes on the natural elements of their shed kitchen – their sourdough culture, weather and their moods.

The small-batch pastries feature local fruit, veg and produce (like goats cheese from Drysdale Cheeses and Lard Ass butter) alongside some of the world’s best Belgian chocolate.

And their bread? It’s what drives them. They believe people should be able to eat delicious and nutritious bread every day. The bread that you’ll love and that will love you (and your guts) back.

Ket Baker have been baking on the Bellarine since 2016, and love being part of this small, dynamic, supportive community.
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