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Next Level Skirmish

15 Douro Street, North Geelong, Victoria, 3215

0401 290 560

Next Level Skirmish

The best battlefields in Geelong, Next Level Skirmish brings you urban warfare.

Next Level Skirmish offer many combat challenges for every commando.

The Outdoor Urban Battlefield is the only one of its kind situated in the Geelong area. The battles fought here are fast and furious - they are won and lost amongst thousands of tyres, many barriers, hay bails, cars and even the odd truck. Not to mention the chaos caused from the gunfire inside the centre rooms.

Keep your gun at the ready, there is action at your every turn. Sessions can be played during the morning, afternoon or for a real challenge try a twilight session in the evening.

Next Level Skirmish is a safe and exciting outdoor laser skirmish

The laser skirmish guns shoot harmless beams of infra-red light, this laser tag equipment is the most sophisticated gaming guns on the market today. SATR has loads of features, but the killer-feature is its real-time instant hit-feedback. So no matter what terrain, indoors or outdoors, you instantly know when you got 'em.

Best of all - any age can play.
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