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Pettavel Wines

159 Muhlebach Road, Sutherlands Creek, Victoria, 3331

0425 806 669

Pettavel Wines

The Pettavel Australia boasts historical roots back to 1842. From hosting Prince Duke of Edinburgh in 1867 to entertaining five Prime Ministers in recent years, Pettavel as an established brand engraves all historical marks with these important events.

As one one of main estate wine producers located around Melbourne, Pettavel owns Yarra Glen Meroo Vineyard, Geelong Strathmore and a vineyard in the Staughton Valley. Pettavel has four brands which include Reserve, Premium, Estate, and Meroo. Pettavel also supplies estate grapes and bulk wines.

The Geelong winery Estate of 129 hectares is approximately 50 kilometers south west of Melbourne, 25 kilometres south west to the Melbourne Avalon airport and close to the amenity of The City of Geelong. The property is located within the well-recognised wine region in the Moorabool Valley of Geelong with a cool climate. The Moorabool Valley’s Mediterranean climate makes great contribution to the growth of interesting and unique grape varieties.

The Vineyard includes Strathmore vineyards, French vineyard, Riverbank, Table grape area and a nursery. Visitors will experience viticulture of both old model in French Vineyard and the new model of Strathmore Vineyard where every step of the operation is fully automated.​

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