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Queenscliff Uniting Church

83-89 Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, 3225

03 5258 2854

Queenscliff Uniting Church

The Queenscliff Uniting Church is a vibrant community reflecting God's care.

The core values of the Queenscliff Uniting Church include: deepening the Gospel spirituality, deepening the sense of community with each other and beyond, living a different ethic around kindness, hospitality, generosity, inclusivity in a harsh world, exploring environmental sustainability as an expression of responsibility to creation and future generations and as an example for others to be inspired by.

Queenscliff Uniting Church connect with the wider community through: arts and music concerts and events, pop up cafes and shared meals, Op Shop open seven days a week and singing group, knitting group, movie club, book group using beautiful buildings and internal spaces which are used extensively by local community groups.

Queenscliff Uniting Church focuses on growing connections with and supporting Indigenous communities and Refugees, caring for those with mental health disabilities and support for LGBTI people and their families and raising community awareness. Plus, continuing to grow artistic and creative opportunities to explore meaning and nurture relationships with the wider community, young people and visitors.

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