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The Bellarine Smoked Fish Co.

2250 Portarlington Road, Bellarine, Victoria, 3221

0414 019 036

The Bellarine Smoked Fish Co.

The Bellarine Smoked Fish Co.'s premium hot-smoked salmon products are crafted using traditional smoking techniques passed on through three generations of master-smokers from New Zealand.

Their smokehouse produces some of the finest smoked salmon and trout in Victoria. They pride themselves on being 100% natural with no additives or preservatives added to any of their products.

They believe in buying quality raw seafood to produce first-class salmon and other types of fish, in their renowned award winning artisan smokehouse.

The Bellarine Smoked Fish Co. specialises in smoking King Salmon, Tasmanian Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Pate. They use the finest natural ingredients to deliver the highest quality and authentic tasting results.
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