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The Federal Cafe, Restaurant and Bar

13-35 Mackey Street, North Geelong, Victoria, 3215

03 5210 8000

The Federal Cafe, Restaurant and Bar

The Federal is a premier dining and entertainment destination in the Victorian regional city of Geelong. Set in the former Federal Woollen Mills, one of the city’s most iconic and historic buildings, The Federal has set a new benchmark for restaurants in Geelong with a unique and modern European-themed menu.

Offering distinctive dining experiences for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a superb setting for after-work drinks with friends or a coffee for an afternoon social outing, The Federal is an unparalleled cafe, restaurant and bar in Geelong and accepts online orders.

The Federal Woollen Mills which are now home to The Federal in Geelong opened in 1915 amid great fanfare and - appropriately - celebration.

More than a century on, The Federal has recaptured its glorious past, providing a modern twist on a time defined by rich colours and strong lines, geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. The Federal cafe, restaurant and bar in Geelong represents luxury, exuberance and progress while retaining strong ties to its rich history. It is without peer for the uniqueness of its location and the experience it delivers.
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