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The Smoked Egg Company

The Smoked Egg Company

Boundary Road, Breakwater, Victoria, 3219

0432 689 833

The Smoked Egg Company

The Smoked Egg Company are a free range egg farm and have been clever enough to chill smoke eggs. This gives the eggs a lovely light smoked flavour, whilst leaving the egg itself raw and able to be used in other recipes or to be cooked on its own.

Their eggs have been tested on many occasions and the process they use to chill smoke the eggs leaves them free of bacteria and disease.

The chill smoking process also gives the smoked eggs an extended shelf life of up to six months.

The chill smoked eggs have been described as having a flavour like bacon and eggs, just without the bacon, making them perfect for non-meat eaters also.

You can find The Smoked Egg Company's products at many of the independent grocers throughout Victoria, at their online store or by appointment at their warehouse.

Please note there is no public access to their processing facility.
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