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Metropolis Gallery

64 Ryrie Street
Geelong, Victoria 3220

03 5221 6505


ARTHUR BOYD and JAMIE BOYD: Connection is an exhibition of contrasts and similarities that places the drawings, prints and paintings of Jamie Boyd alongside rare and collectable works by his father Arthur Boyd. There is such history and cultural wealth surrounding the Boyd family that it’s quite an honour for the gallery to present the art of a father and son, two generations side by side.

Many describe the Boyds as an artistic dynasty, with important influence across a number of generations in the fields of painting, sculpture, ceramics, literature and architecture. However while Jamie Boyd’s artistic inheritance is profound he has said that: ‘I see myself, and my father's work as being very different from each other. It is actually probably more revealing in the differences, having all these works together. It is interesting not how similar they are but how different’.

Jamie regularly visits the Boyd property at Shoalhaven where he is reunited with the beauty and strength of its surrounding landscape – this and other gentle links are apparent between the works of both artists: landscape, symbolism and dreams, theatre and the human figure.
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