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116 Collins Street
Drysdale, Victoria 3222

0439 709 492

Clay and Cocktails by Candlelight - Flower Garden Sculpture

Hazy Tales Studio hosts Clay and Cocktails by Candlelight events fortnightly. These are held in their art studio; a stylish light filled venue on the Bellarine, with floor to ceiling windows and polished concrete floors.

Each event night will have a different theme and you will learn to create something together from start to finish. You will walk away with your own piece of art - well you will get it a few weeks later.

You will be shown the process to make a ceramic sphere or flower. Your pieces will then be dried out and fired twice in the kiln. I will then adhere metal poles to your sculptures. These look amazing dotted in your garden in-between the plants or as a statement on their own and also make a beautiful gift.

Each event will last approximately two to three hours. There will also be a complimentary drink on arrival; bring your own for additional drinks.

There will be lots of fun and laughs and it is a great event to meets lots of interesting people.

If you prefer to have a private session with friends, these can be held on any day or evening. Minimum booking of four.
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