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Festival of Glass

Drysdale, Victoria 3222

0418 371 308

Festival of Glass 2020 Treasure Hunt

Get sleuthing and find the tiny glass treasures that are hidden in 32 local businesses around the northern Bellarine. Download your 2020 Treasure Hunt entry form from the Festival of Glass website. While you are downloading your entry form have a peek at the tiny glass treasures too. Visit the local businesses, spot the 'tiny glass treasure' and receive a stamp from the business. Every 10 stamps on your entry form will allow you one Treasure Hunt draw from the treasure chest. There are over 100 unique glass artworks up for drawing from the treasure chest. Present your stamped Treasure Hunt entry form at the Festival of Glass Expo before 3:00pm on Sunday 16 February to collect your treasure.

The Festival of Glass Expo is held at Christian College.
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