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Festival of Glass

23 High Street
Drysdale, Victoria 3222

0418 371 308

Festival of Glass Beginners Lampwork Workshop Schedule

Each year during February the Festival of Glass offer a range of lampwork workshops run by local and international glass artists for the budding beginner to the almost master.

This year's 7 day program commences with a beginners' session run by Glenda Mac Naughton, a local glass artist.

Glenda will teach you the basic skills for sculpting hot glass in the flame. This covers using a gas and oxygen torch to soften glass safely and then explore different techniques for shaping the glass into small simple sculptures.

If you are a beginner and are interested in attending some of the other days with our International Artist in Residence, Mauro Bonaventura, from Venice Italy, you must attend this beginners' session. For detailed information of the workshop schedule please visit the website.
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