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Trash Bags On Tour

Little River, Victoria 3211

0432 221 045

Koala Conservation Day

Guided by the experienced Koala Researchers of the Koala Clancy Foundation, this tour is focused on conserving koala habitat.

You will be guided through the parklands and find the perfect spot to plant a variety of native trees. Morning tea is served and you will take to the walking track again to find where those invasive weeds are doing their most damage. After an active morning of helping preserve this amazingly sacred area for our friendly koalas to live, we then will be guided to the site of Bunjil to oversee his amazing land creation.

After lunch the group will discuss the benefits and reasons why planting certain types of trees in this area is so important for not only the Australian icon, but also for the climate. You will have the opportunity to remove unwanted rubbish that pollutes and harms this stunning ground and learn about ways everyone can individually reduce their footprint.

After an incredible day in the You Yangs you will be in awe of the wildlife at Serendip sanctuary. A truly wholesome day indeed.
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