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50 Little Malop Street
Geelong, Victoria 3220

Stardust and The Mission

For 25 years, a locked cupboard sat in a family garage. So what was inside?

A Fighting Gunditjmara man returns home from war only to be forced from his traditional lands. What drove him to fight for a country that didn't even recognise him? The Space Company presents a double bill of documentary theatre: Stardust and The Mission.

Starring multi-award winning ABC presenter and performer, Joel Carnegie, and award winning actor, Tom Molyneux.

Two stories about love, music and war, and all the things that people leave behind.

Warnings: includes adult themes, occasional coarse language, smoke, scenes depicting war/violence. The Mission contains depictions of, and reference to, Indigenous people who have passed away. It also describes confronting content in relation to the massacre, dispossession and mistreatment of Indigenous peoples.

Performers: Joel Carnegie and Tom Molyneux, directors: Tom Molyneux and James Jackson, lighting: John Collopy and producer: Joel Carnegie.
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