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The Old Married Couple play silly swinging Jazzy tunes
Be Blown away by toots and hoots
New Vintage sights and sounds
Comedy meetings classic Jazz sounds
Meet the old married couple

Riley Beech

36 Newcombe Street
Portarlington, Victoria 3223

03 5473 4215

Sunshine Rendezvous by the sea - The Old Married Couple live

Get ready to be transported to a wonderful seaside carnival through a time machine with good-timing, toe tapping, hand clapping swing dancing fun as The Old Married Couple brings you a sunshine Rendezvous.

The Old Married Couple is comprised of real-life married couple Riley and Katie Beech and their backing band. The couple are renowned for collaborating with the cabaret and burlesque scenes to create shows that are unique and comical, in true vaudeville style, with a taste of Cole Porter. Their first album, ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ was an expression of love and comedy that emanated from real married-life experiences, which made their songs endearing and relatable to many. Similarly, their latest album ‘Sunshine Rendezvous‘ is a love-induced, whimsical daydream that whisks the listener away to a loving care-free moment from a bygone era.

Their live show sees carnival chaos reign supreme with singalongs and dancing supported by infectious rhythms and a cacophony of sounds from Katie's bag of tricks. There really are all the bells and whistles.

Bookings are essential. Call today to secure your spot.

Hear the album free at the website.