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1 Harbour Street
Queenscliff, Victoria 3225

03 5258 5459

Tales of Queenscliff Harbour Photographic Competition

Chronicle the many stories of Queenscliff Harbour with your camera. It moods, its activities and the many stories that happen daily. Winter is a brilliant time to discover the moods of the Harbour, so grab you phone or your DSLR, and get outdoors and tell a story.

There are so many stories to be told, whether it is capturing the moment the pilot boat sets out into a storm, or the beautiful moored Couta boats asleep at anchor brimming in the history of the local fishing industry.

Eating fish and chips and ice cream, watching the fishing boats coming and going. Patient fisherman on the pier watching intently or perhaps boat building and repairs. It is all there for the recording.

You are invited to be part of the ‘Tales of Queenscliff Harbour’ photo competition, Brilliant prizes for your efforts are up for grabs. So grab a camera and help Tell a tale of QC Harbour.
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