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Geelong Gallery

55 Little Malop Street
Geelong, Victoria 3220

03 5229 3645

The Look

You don’t have to be beautiful to have it, or young, or famous or notorious. You don’t have to dress on-trend, or even neatly.

The Italians have an expression, bella figura, to describe a way of being that’s striking. The French might call it je ne sais quoi. It’s a quality that makes you look twice, without really knowing why. In English, it might be called cool.

In Canberra’s National Portrait Gallery there’s The Look — a collection of photographic portraits of extraordinary Australians. The Look reflects a wonderful range of Australian achievement; and it oozes style too.

Whether you go for a steamy look, a sceptical look, a sardonic look, or an icy look, one look at this show, and you’ll have to look again.
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